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From Tennessee
to Cannes France.

If you come here,
venture anywhere.


Americans spend over two months looking for vacation spots. This is just a fraction of the actual time people spend at any destination. We were asked to find a media and creative solution to help people spend more time on what matters…and do it in just 45 seconds.


46% Traffic Increase

93% Confirmed Travel

1MM Custom Videos

We Found Truth

Picking a perfect vacation is deeply personal and most tourism ads fall flat by aiming too broadly. To ensure success, Tennessee Tourism needed to reach a wide audience, while keeping the message tailored to people who were looking to make memorable travel plans quick.

Then We Executed

  • We created a custom algorithm called Matchmaker which analyzed millions of unique data metrics to create a personalized ad call to our content database.  
  • In the time it takes to place the pre-roll call, our algorithm matched personal data points to a library of over 100 different pieces of content and assembled them in real-time for delivery.
  • Custom videos were served to people located within driving distances from each tailored Tennessee Tourism destination.