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Never wait again!

Prep the line.
End the wait.


NextME has a mission and it’s all about saving guests’ time and flipping more tables. The challenge was making a tech brand who’s out saving peoples’ time appealing for actual business owners who are the main target for the app.


10,000+ App Downloads

29% ROI Increase

800K Minutes Saved

We Found Truth

Reaching store owners is very targeted and costly. We needed to create a demand and so we did the simple things: find a hungry mob, give them a reason to engage, and supply them with the tools. It was no time before restaurant owners got the message.

Then We Executed

  • We created a brand new site that incentivized consumers to request the app at their favorite restaurants while using targeted media to drive owners to the site for download.
  • The new site has resulted in over 46% growth since inception with over half of guests and owners taking a sales action.
  • We activated at the street level by targeting restaurants with brutal wait times and gave patrons a call-to-action flyer worth $50 bucks.
  • People slapped these cards on the host stands and the brand saw an instant bump in inquiries and downloads by 29%.