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We grow businesses with Creative Investment.

Real people get people. That’s why we mandate our team, our partners, and vendors to push the limits of their thinking and empathy. This is good-old-fashioned people-skills that when combined with sharp ideas, crazy tech and mountains of data – becomes a performance force to be reckoned with. Our results transform not just companies, but the people who run those companies by making their mission and goals as kindred as our own. This is simple decency and it creates ideas that work every single time.


Lamar Land-Pandey

Creative Director

Neharika Pandey

Partnership Lead

Nick Alva

Graphic Designer

Laura Yenery

Graphics Artist

Tara Singh

UI/UX Sr. Designer

Jeremy Brick

Director of Manufacturing

Lauren Terrell


Sam Hill


Joan Velasquez

Sr. Graphic Designer

Deepak Bansal

Technical Director

Maria Quintero

Cultural Secretary

Norma Serna

Social Content Creator

Vanessa Velasquez

Strategy Director

Saurabh Behl

Sr. Full-stack Developer

Faime Aryan

Production Artist

Camila Rogo

Video Creator

Larry Donnell

Finance Procurement

Karina Gerszberg

Sci-Marketing Analyst