Nos Energy Drink - FRC

With this Nos
I will.


Getting young men up and off the couch can be a challenge for brands. In a crowded and sub-par experience space, filled with sex and crass humor, these lame tactics were not working any longer and frankly, below us.



Video Engagement


Earned Views


CTR Increase

We Found Truth

Young men who are looking to get an extra 10,000 miles out of their tires are not clicking on banners, they are looking for death-defying experiences and so we obliged. We created a social sweepstake that asked fans to make a declaration of confidence “With this NOS I will.”

Then We Executed

  • We created a sweeps page and launched social posts on Twitter and FB asking fans to submit their craziest ideas possible. 
  • We reviewed thousands of submissions and generated even more, re-posts by encouraging fans to share each other’s crazy ideas. 
  • We selected winning daredevils and flew them to top-secret locations to experience their moment of fate with a slew of MMA fighters who promoted the video content and promised to take the plunge with our compadres.
  • There was blood, fears, and tears, but through NOS, these lucky men scripted a story that will last a lifetime.