NewSpace Chicago - FRC

Space is at the end
of your imagination.


Cities around the country are losing the wonder of the stars as light pollution becomes a mind-numbing reality everywhere. NewSpace Chicago needed to raise awareness about a real problem that impacts our ability to dream.



Attendance Increase


Star Viewing Activations


Increase for Signups

We Found Truth

The power of space can change peoples’ perspective. To prove it, we took Chicagoans who have never seen clear skies before into the wilderness for nights of inspirational star gazing. Why? So that we could raise money to launch a rocket above the damaging Chicago light pollution.

Then We Executed

  • We invited the Chicago community to join our Space Parties over the summer.
  • We documented peoples’ encounters with space and how it impacted their creativity.
  • We partnered with space investment companies to help generate awareness and donations to launch an observational camera into the stratosphere.
  • We partnered with NASA and produced a short film uncovering the magic power of how space unleashes peoples’ possibilities.
  • Creative Altruism: We created this project pro-bono because we love space and those who fight to save imagination.