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Michael Chatfield is an Army Veteran turned writer. From his experiences on the battlefield, he transformed the LitRPG genre across the globe. With a growing fan base, live-streams, ad campaigns, sales goals, multiple distribution channels, attribution goals, and big marketing ideas, his brand needed to scale and simplify the marketing mix to allow the writer to write.


Top 10 Rated Author

158% Sales Increase

17,385+ Subscriptions

We Found Truth

We knew MC Publishing had an incredible story that needed to be shared. With a publisher’s eye for detail, FRC sought to understand the unrealized potential of Micheal Chatfield’s media and content strategy to better engage with LitRPG readers.

Through audience analysis we learned that fans wanted more engaging teaser content prior to each new book release.

This insight paved the way for an immersive and global content distribution strategy.

Then We Executed

  • FRC worked with Micheal Chatfield Publishing to create a string of relevant assets: Social Banners, Podcast Audio
    Ads, and Video Promotions for each new book release.
  • The creative and media team then amplified these assets via Facebook, Instagram, Podcast Networks, and other channels to align with book release dates globally.
  • Michael Chatfield is now consistent in the Top 10 Best Selling Authors in the LitRPG space on Amazon. Now that’s an incredible story.