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Not knowing your audience’s interest, their perception of your brand and not being aware of your online presence can lead you to make meaningless business decisions.
If a campaign is launched before having a clear state of the previous aspects is going to be a shot in the dark.



YOY increase in new users


Call Requests in 2021


spike in new users aged 45-54

We Found Truth

Clients love to express their opinion and interests, and the Internet is the place for them to raise their voices. First, we did an in-depth analysis of who were the social media followers, where we find them, and what they were posting about H2O Hypnosis.

Then We Executed

  • Our strategy was to do a web scrubbing on Google search engine, Yelp Facebook and Twitter.
  • Based on clients’ reviews and profile data, we did an analysis of their interests and feelings related to H2O Hypnosis services.
  • RESULTS: The objective of the Facebook ads campaign was changed according to the data insights. It turned into an awareness campaign rather than conversion.
  • Total Gross/(p) ROI:
    pROI Emails: 156x$169=$26,364
    pROI Calendar: 84 Confirmed Web Appointments (pROI: $14,196)


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