Ellison - FrContent

Losing things
is a natural
part of life.


To find something new, Ellison had to shed an inauthentic story and dust off the real one. We took a gamble that the brand’s true story could shine through in a big way if we made it all about the community.



Marketing Spend


Dollars Raised


Social Engagement

We Found Truth

  • We created a short film that told the essence of the brand and why we were seeking investment.
  • We built a Facebook and Instagram campaign that used targeted media to cross-promote Ellison community stories about what people lost and what they found in life.
  • We targeted these stories on Facebook and optimized daily using first-party behavioral and demo targeting data.

Then We Executed

Upon the completion of the campaign, we took top stories and named our new line after the things people found and the things people lost. We let people view our new packaging process and delivered the new line and new packaging to those who donated to our crowdfunding campaign.

This was a community experience that helped the brand find itself. And in the process, a new line of shades got fully funded and our fans were thanked by helping inspire us with the creation and naming of the new line and packaging.


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