Zico - FRC

Be beautiful on
the inside.


ZICO had to stay true to helping people flourish on the inside or risk lack of differentiation against other coconut waters in the market. Our creative challenge was to transform cities like New York and LA and show people what our Beautiful On the Inside promise really meant.



Earned Impressions


Person Experience


Organic Views

We Found Truth

We looked at the world and found places where people can flourish but don’t. Grimy subway stations, old buildings, and construction sites became instant starting points to build experiential spaces with high-touch brand experiences.

Then We Executed

  • We took mundane places people spend their time and invigorated them with 3D realistic ads reaching over 450K impressions.
  • We overtook an old building at the busy Bowery St. station and created a 2-day hydration retreat for over 750 thirsty New Yorkers on their way to and from work.
  • We worked with cultural influencers to promote a huge launch-night party with digital-photo booths, ice art, branded food experiences and for good measure, we added ballerinas.
  • We leveraged the experiential idea as a content generator and produced an experience video that generated nearly 1,000,000 organic views and was a signature piece of the campaign.


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