Honda - FRC

Can’t remember
your first
We can.


Honda needed a restart and was losing market share to the traditional culprits:
consumer indifference, stronger competition, and traditional advertising’s
ineffectiveness. Honda needed to deliver a creative idea that could tell the story of
Honda Civic’s drastic new redesign. A milestone for the brand.


1.4 MM

Earned Impressions


Engagement Increase


Added Value Media

We Found Truth

Honda quickly admitted they were missing the mark on millennial-centric design and asked us to create an actual thing, NOT just an ad.

The insight hit us: getting your first Civic marks the beginning of a journey forward for our aspirational urban target. We looked at the data and our hunch was confirmed – fashion and street culture was the platform to target and build from.

Then We Executed

  • We launched a social campaign to learn about our fans’ personal milestones.
  • We partnered with sneaker influencers to amplify the production content generating over 1.4MM in earned media and beating traditional banner engagement by 85%.
  • We leveraged our media spend effectively and produced over 83 pieces of original content.
  • This turned out to be a good move and generated over $678,000 in new content and media value.


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