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Inspiring The Next Generation

of STEMists – Groovy Lab in a



Since learning from home became the norm in 2019, Groovy had an opportunity to boost sales, grab market share and increase brand awareness by targeting work from home parents struggling to teach their kids STEM education.


5x Return

On Ad Spend

3x Growth

YOY Total Sales

68% Liked

Influencer Content

We Found Truth

  • FRC filmed and produced original content with Influencers to spread the word about Groovy’s mission
  • FRC ran Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns ran throughout 2020 to increase awareness and target moms and educators to buy Groovy
  • FRC’s Development, Creative, and Media teams streamlined the online purchase process, ensuring a smooth road from ad discovery to subscription sign-up for Groovy’s new customers

Then We Executed

  • Groovy received a 5x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • Gross eCommerce sales doubled in 2020 compared to 2019. Q1 2021 sales are seeing similar growth due to FRC’s involvement
  • Groovy Lab in a Box was nominated for The USA Today “Best Kid’s Subscription Box” in early 2021


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