Angry Birds Anniversary

Do you feel angry? It’s ok many do. That’s why we launched a Venting Machine that people could beat-the-hell-out-of to help reduce that NYC stress. See how FRC media and Angry Birds took over Times Square.


Michael Chatfield Publishing

From ex-Army Veteran to globally recognized LitRPG writer, his experiences on the battlefield transformed the imagination of LitRBG readers across the world. See how FRC helped this author rank TOP 10 in Amazon.


Mayor Lori Lightfoot

With Chicago’s fate on the line, FRC and RLM media teamed up with Lori’s campaign to rewrite history and the political game in a grossly divided city.


Cannes Lion Winner

Planning a perfect vacation is deeply personal and most tourism ads fall flat by aiming too broadly. We launched an algorithm that generated millions of personalized ads that helped people customize their vacations.


Digital Development

Need a sparkling new site, or a money-generating app with the latest bells and whistles?

See UX/UI Work Now


ZICO had to stay true to helping people flourish on the inside or risk lack of differentiation against other coconut waters in the market. Our creative challenge was to transform cities like New York and LA and show people what Beautiful on the Inside really means.



Consumer indifference, stronger competition, and traditional advertising’s ineffectiveness were plaguing Honda and they needed a creative idea to launch the Civic’s drastic new redesign. See how manufacturing and awesome content set a new milestone for the brand.